Now on Sale: Doosan Composite LP Cylinders

Doosan Composite LP Cylinders: Modern Solutions for Modern Problems

These cylinders replace the traditional LP gas tank and offer several advantages while remaining at a competitive price point. Advantages of the Doosan Composite LP Cylinders Include:

  • An Impressive 15-Year Service Life (From the Date of Manufacture)

  • Cylinders Are Translucent – The Level of Gas Remaining Can be Seen from Full to Empty

  • The Composite Cylinders are Lightweight. They Weigh Approximately 50 Percent Less Than Traditional Steel Propane Tanks. (Lightest FLT Cylinders Available)

  • Safety: Instead of Exploding in a Fire, These Composite Tanks Will Melt. This Allows the LPG to Breath in a Controlled Manner

  • Ergonomic Grip Makes for Easy Handling and Transportation

Now offered in the Forklifts of Minnesota Parts Department. Composite Cylinders are on sale through August 31, 2015. For More Information, Call Forklifts of Minnesota at 952-887-5400

Doosan Composite LP Cylinder