Replacing Batteries

Eventually, every electric forklift will need its battery replaced. The way the battery is treated will have a direct effect on the life of the battery. Monitoring the use of the battery and getting the forklift regularly serviced will help extend the life of the battery. Many different signs begin to show when a battery needs to be replaced. These signs include: The amount of use after a charge significantly decreases. The battery needs to be charged more than one time during an average eight-hour shift. A sulfur-like smell begins to surface from the battery. Noticeable corrosion begins to build up around the case of the battery. The battery begins to smoke while charging or in use. 

These noticeable signs are a good indication that the forklift is no longer operating at its full potential. As a result, there will likely be in an increase in downtime as the battery simply cannot last as long as it once did without a charge. A new battery can be an expensive cost upfront, but if it is handled properly, the user will benefit from the extended life of the battery.