*74 Service Technicians - Average Response Time of 1.34 Hours*

Over 69 Years of Service Excellence:

  • Planned Maintenance (PM) Service - More than 18,000 per year.

  • Can't Miss Offer: $100.00 Shop Check-In!

  • On-Call 24/7: In the event of an emergency, we will find the solution.

  • Top-Notch Expertise: Our trained forklift technicians are backed up by three in-house expert foremen.

  • Our Promise: We promise integrity, and will guarantee to re-do any of our service work if for some reason you are not completely satisfied.

  • Why Choose Forklifts of Minnesota?

Forklift Service Minnesota. Planned Maintenance Minnesota.
Planned Maintenance North Dakota. Forklift Service North Dakota.

Service Manager

Kevin Uecker -

FOM Since: 1979

Phone number: (952) 887-5452

Email address:

Assistant Service Manager:

Matt Whalen -

FOM Since: 2003

Phone number: (952) 887-5455

Email address: