Used Equipment

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Used Forklift Inventory

We currently inventory over 200 used forklifts at our Bloomington, Fargo & Bismarck locations. We have many sources for used forklifts including lease retirements, trade-ins, and our own short term rental fleet.  We purchase equipment through the dealer network and from several forklift leasing companies nationwide. 

Get Ready Process

All of our used forklifts are inspected by our trained forklift service technicians.  We specialize in late model reconditioned forklifts.  Our reconditioning process starts with a 4 ½ hour check-in of the forklift.  This check-in process allows us to get a complete and accurate condition report on every forklift.  An individual forklift’s condition and market demand, determine whether we repair the unit to sell as a Reconditioned forklift (in which case we would make all necessary repairs), Better-Buy condition (we would make all necessary repairs for a good running safe forklift) or As-Is condition (any safety items needing attention would be repaired).  This check-in (see attached sample checklists for detail) encompasses everything from engine compression to emission testing!  All ANSI and OSHA safety items are also checked over in this check-in process.  This includes:  carriage chains, lift chains, forks, load back rest, driver's overhead guard (ROPS, OHG), carriage, brakes, park brake, seat restraint, seat switches, and other safety related items.

Our goal is to consistently provide excellent quality reconditioned forklifts to our customers, while delivering great value.

We use in our reconditioning process:

  • 1 steam cleaning room in Fargo 
  • 1 steam cleaning room in Bismarck
  • 2 steam cleaning rooms in Bloomington
  • 1 paint booth in Fargo
  • 2 paint booths in Bloomington
  • 6 delivery trucks capable of dock or ground delivery
  • 2 trailers


All industrial batteries are rate tested.  We guarantee that a reconditioned electric forklift has an industrial battery that will have a run time of 80% or more of a new industrial battery.  We stand behind this guarantee on our industrial batteries with a two (2) year Parts, Labor and Travel Battery Warranty.


Chargers are matched to the batteries and your operation based on the following criteria to ensure best possible performance!

  • Amp hour capacity of battery
  • Voltage of battery
  • Matching SB connectors
  • Output voltage based on your building’s set-up
  • Single or Three phase based on your building’s set-up
  • All battery chargers are cleaned, tested, set and marked before shipment.


Internal combustion and Electric Reconditioned forklifts are sold with a 90 day Parts, Labor and Travel Warranty.  Reconditioned Industrial Batteries come with a two (2) year Parts, Labor and Travel Battery Warranty.

Customer Service:

We back our forklift and battery warranties with 13 shop technicians and 52 road service technicians.  Our road technicians are stationed throughout our three (3) state territory, to offer fast, local and dependable service.  We will be there when you need us!

Other material handling equipment:

In addition to the used forklifts we sell, we have available many other types of material handling equipment including:

  • Used Sweeper/Scrubbers
  • Used Scissorlifts
  • Used Boomlifts
  • Used Pallet Jacks
  • Used Replacement Industrial Batteries and Chargers

Used Attachments such as:

  • Push-Pulls
  • Carton Clamps
  • Paper Roll Clamps
  • Fork Rotators
  • Sideshifting Fork Positioners
  • Sideshifters

Please check our inventory or call us for more details.  We have the resources to deliver the equipment you need!

Financing Available:

We can customize a finance package on any equipment you purchase from us.  A few of the types of financing we offer include; Rent-To-Own, Fair Market Value Lease, Conditional Sales Lease, Full-Payout $1 Option, plus many more.